World Championship Match Game 3

Game 3 was a lively affair, with Vishy coming tantalizingly close to a win! It looked like it would begin as a Gruenfeld but Vishy deviated from Game 1 with 3.f3!  A rather rare line at top level these days.  Surprisingly, Gelfand wasn’t fazed by this and blitzed out his preparation till move 16, sacrificing a pawn in the process. Anand consolidated accurately and soon after Gelfand started to go astray with a dubious plan.  Once again Anand found the best series of moves and traded down even further to a rook endgame.  Vishy was low on time however and decided to play it safe and accept a draw.  Personally I feel that Vishy could have played on a little longer without much risk.  Game 4 is ongoing and it looks like it’s headed to yet another draw.  Things might not be decided yet because it seems that Gelfand has got a strong spark of ambition and will push hard for a while.  Mentally this is an exhausting game at the highest level, and the World Championship title would further amplify the stress and exhaustion.  Anand’s deep experience on the world stage will come in very handy once we enter the second-half.  Visit to follow the game, and visit the official site at for webcam with live commentary. I’m still waiting for that e4 game :).

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