World Championship Rest Day

After two games the World Championship Match sees it first rest day which the players will use to recuperate and refresh their preparation. The score is level at 1-1 after 2 hard fought draws. In the first game Gelfand employed the Gruenfeld. This was an interesting psychological decision, since Vishy himself  had opted for it in his first game against Topalov in the 2010 WCC match. Anand chose a quiet sideline where Gelfand was able to equalize quite easily. The position steered itself to an endgame where maybe Gelfand had a slight edge, but it wasn’t enough to push on and so they agreed to a draw. In the second game Vishy prepared a novelty which nullified Gelfand’s advantage. A drawn endgame was reached and the players signed the peace treaty. A good steady start to the match for both sides, building up the momentum. Don’t miss the action of Game 3 tomorrow at 3 o clock local time where both sides will be back with fresh ideas!

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